Stonebridge seeks to create value for its shareholders
with the following investment and operating strategies:
Opportunistic Acquisitions: Renovating, expanding, reconfiguring and/or "re−tenanting" existing properties. Attractive acquisitions arise due to having a good origination network and by acting immediately on an all-cash basis.

'C' to 'B+' renovations: Acquiring properties in densely populated or increasingly affluent areas where barriers to entry for further development are high and the possibilities for enhancing operating performance through renovation, expansion, reconfiguration and/or "re-tenanting" are strong. The bulk of the Company's historic investment activity was focused on such redevelopments and Stonebridge seeks to continue this strategy, but with a focus on increasingly larger assets.

New Developments: Ground up development in infill locations, with primary focus on retail and commercial space. In any given market this is viewed as a later-stage strategy for the Company although certain assets may be acquired with vacant/ underutilized parcels on which to later build new space.

Regional/CIS Expansion: Over time Stonebridge plans to take advantage of similar high-growth opportunities in China as well as in other cities in Russia and the former Soviet Union such as St. Petersburg and Baku, places where the Company has an opportunity to acquire and/or venture with experienced local development teams.

This approach seeks to transplant the Company's sophisticated strategies, capital sources and corporate governance on to promising investment opportunities in these markets.